In order of appearance:

Camille Lebel, educator and mother to seven, lives on a small hobby farm outside of Memphis, Tennessee. She's published in Rogue Agent Journal, Literary Mama, Sledgehammer Lit, Sparks of Calliope, Black Fox Literary Magazine and more. She enjoys writing, traveling, and horse-whispering. She largely writes in the school car-line as a way to process special needs parenting, child loss, religious trauma, and more.  

Adam Greenfield is the author of Circa (Pelekinesis, 2018) and the forthcoming Mountain Lion Blues (Pelekinesis, 2023). His short fiction has appeared in MungBeing, Outsider Ink and Prole, to name a few. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. 

Margaret Saigh is a writer, dancer, and educator based in Pittsburgh. She is the author of the chapbook CROSSED IN THE DARKER LIGHT OF TERROR (dancing girl press 2022), a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Pittsburgh, and the creator of circlet, a virtual poetry workshop and reading space. Her poems are forthcoming in giallo lit and A Velvet Giant.

Andrej Bilovsky (he/him) is a poet and performance artist in San Francisco. He is the former editor of Masculine-Feminine and Kapesnik. His poetry can be found at the Quiver and Down In The Dirt.

J. Alan Nelson, a writer and actor, has work published or forthcoming in many literary journals. He has received nominations for Best of Net poetry and Best Microfiction. He also played the lead in the viral video “Does This Cake Make Me Look Gay?” and the verbose “Silent Al” in the Emmy-winning SXSWestworld. He lives in Waco, Texas.

Will Keever is a Brooklyn-based poet originally from the leather stocking region of New York State and currently attends Johns Hopkins University for an MS in Science Writing. Will likes to take walks in the park and pet good dogs, whom he refers to as earth angels.

Zach Murphy is a Hawaii-born writer with a background in cinema. His stories have appeared in many magazines and journals. His chapbooks Tiny Universes (Selcouth Station Press, 2021) and If We Keep Moving (Ghost City Press, 2022) are available in paperback and ebook. He lives with his wonderful wife, Kelly, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

KG Newman is a sportswriter who covers the Broncos and Rockies for The Denver Post. The Arizona State alum’s first four collections of poems are available on Amazon. More info and writing can be found at He lives in Hidden Village, Colorado, with his wife and three kids.

Francis Felix Rosa is an editor and author of the children’s book Cryptidpedia. His prose has appeared in the Big Bend Literary Magazine and is forthcoming in the museum of americana and The Helix. In 2018 he was the recipient of Wheaton College's Helen Meyers Tate Memorial Prize for Original Verse. He currently resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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