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“I make myself up from everything I am, or could be. For many years I was more desire than fact. When I stop becoming, that’s when I worry.” — Stephen Dunn


Alex, The Addict

You thought someone was living inside the walls, laughing at you. Staring at you. Talking about you. You tore at your face until craters bled. Kept telling me something was hiding underneath your skin, crawling with fleas. When I woke … Continue reading Alex, The Addict

After The Snowmelt

Puddles reflect the sun’s glare, the rising chorus of songbirds emerge into a morning in which pine boughs and maple branches hang free without the weight of snow. Along the path: a child’s mitten, the cellophane of a cigarette pack, … Continue reading After The Snowmelt

Painting Abstractions

A place pressed anonymously in a small gilt frame — an un-housed painting, like the artist’s still brush, or the stark canvas, too naked, too white. The hand’s left grasping for leaves from last year’s garden — where faint ideas, … Continue reading Painting Abstractions


Like a 10-year-old with illegal fireworks, I got the Dr Freud app. Now, I’m lying on my living room couch, while the dogs hang around, wagging. Of course, the past isn’t what it used to be. I’m hungry all the … Continue reading Late


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