Like rain-worn newspapers whose ink has leaked out, so does my soul as the words “you have relapsed” leave the lips of a finely-ironed coated man. The plans of hotel bookings, interviews and catacomb crawls crumble like last spring’s browning brittle petals, preparing for early March’s windstorms that will finally pluck them from their string-like … Continue reading Frail


Fatherhood seeds the reign of vulnerability: Steel-toe boots demand calloused but open palms, and the never-inning ending birthed a gritty bullpen. They’ve tweaked the mound but it’s always been like this. Fortunately, when clouds look like liger cubs, a maple tree can become a barrel, and is our son waiting to learn a launch angle … Continue reading Alliance

Poem In Which I Experience One Emotion And Buy Craft Beer

It’s actually so easy. to lie if you’re doing most of it to yourself. I don’t like to practice. I think I’ll buy the one with pine tree resin. I think I’ll drink it in the skatepark. I would kiss you here. I would tell you about my astigmatism and how it makes the skyline … Continue reading Poem In Which I Experience One Emotion And Buy Craft Beer


Into the dark and wide Des Moines I pour you, ashes fogging shallows. A moccasin in the rushes close by, Dark glisten, still as stone. Birdsong blesses the air, Bridge a silent acolyte. You rode ponies not far from here, Tamed litters of kittens, Wept leaving at summer’s end. Now you bloom again to the … Continue reading Home