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Jigsaw Puzzles

The jigsaw puzzle had just been completed, all one thousand pieces of it, a few of the sections the paint worn thin from multiple uses and now in full display after many days, and many hands working to fit all the pieces together. This puzzle would remain on the table for a few days while … Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzles


Like rain-worn newspapers whose ink has leaked out, so does my soul as the words “you have relapsed” leave the lips of a finely-ironed coated man. The plans of hotel bookings, interviews and catacomb crawls crumble like last spring’s browning brittle petals, preparing for early March’s windstorms that will finally pluck them from their string-like … Continue reading Frail


“I DON’T KNOW what happened, Ms. Garcia,” a student might say, holding up a vocabulary test marked in Amanda’s signature green pen. “It was like I’d never even seen the words before.” Amanda understands—words are tools; they can hurt you. First came Addiction. Irreconcilable. Divorce. Then, just as she got to Readjustment, came Chemotherapy. And, … Continue reading Patchwork


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