The Clearing

“WHAT'S THAT?” Emily turned Kaleb’s way and knocked a pillow to the floor. She said it again. “Hmm?” Kaleb said, half asleep. “That noise,” Emily said. She placed her hand on Kaleb’s chest. “Do you hear that?” Kaleb took a second, rubbed his eyes, and worked his tongue around his mouth. “It’s just the wind, … Continue reading The Clearing


ANDREW PAUSED near the middle of the bridge and looked downstream. The tide was low so what he saw was mostly mud and what water there was seemed mud-colored which perhaps meant that it was clear. There were a lot of birds, a lot of gulls at any rate. Dipping their heads and cackling like … Continue reading River

A Heretic

"'Tis time," he said, surveying the now quiet battlefield as it smoldered. "Indeed, brother," he replied, still breathless from battle. "Time to lay waste to this village and make merry in its dregs!" "Neigh, brother," there was a look of disgust on their leader's bloodied face. "Time to shift our thinking into a new and … Continue reading A Heretic