Painting Abstractions

A place pressed anonymously in a small gilt frame — 
an un-housed painting, 
like the artist’s still brush, 
or the stark canvas, too naked, too white. 
The hand’s left grasping for leaves 
from last year’s garden — 
where faint ideas, and the pause between gestures, remain 
like a van Gogh still-life. 
The storybook window is seen from the empty street, 
not from within —
where on amaranthine days carnivals of pleasure are held 
beneath a burning candelabra that lights a pink room 
filled with harp and flute music —
And laughter, not being for sale, 
is given away like secrets.


Timothy Resau is from Baltimore, Maryland. His prose and poetry have recently appeared in Abstract Magazine TV, Soul-Lit, and Anti-Heroin Chic, among others, and is forthcoming in Origami Press and Poetica. Visit his site at