Nobody Has Time For Art, But We Make Art Anyways

perhaps we could find ourselves
ritualistically shifting our bodies
alongside the banks of Lake Michigan
colored the blackest blue I've ever known.

perhaps your hand will find mine in 
and the tense leaves will release a sound
under the footsteps of our own
solemn smiling dances 
as I look into your darting eyes
the lightest blue I've ever known.

I can almost see you at the end of this long broken tunnel
with chips in the paint that seem nearly intentional 
and as I poke my long body out from the end
I want desperately to rip open my palms of letting the blood 
of my right feed
the long dead trees of winter
while smearing the blood of my left 
along the cold Chicago brick.


Adam Hadar is a poet living in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. His poetry has been published in many literary journals including Word Fountain, Edify Magazine, Literary Heist, The Opiate Magazine, and City Brink Magazine.