A Gay Man In God’s Factory

On my day set aside for art,
I painted the pearl crescent butterfly.

I chose the male,
not because I’m a misogynist,
but its colors are brighter,
more tailored to my palette.

The one in my in-box
was perfectly put together,
with an alert head,
eager antennae,
and shapely wings,
an inch wide.

A coat of orange
was followed by
a distinct black border
and an array of dark dots
in perfect patterns.
and a gentle dabbing of its head case.

It hummed in my hand
as I let it dry.
Then I opened my palm
and it flew off toward the light.

Of course, this doesn’t sit well
with my father.
The old man makes 
huge, rumbling dinosaurs.


Andrej Bilovsky (he/him) is a poet and performance artist in San Francisco. He is the former editor of Masculine-Feminine and Kapesnik. His poetry can be found at the Quiver and Down In The Dirt.