Wolf Mountain Center, Central New York

The wolves of Smyrna howl from their refuge to their
timber kin by the Boundary Waters, to the coyotes beyond

the fencing, to the yellow labs at the autobody shop. 
We humans hear it and long to answer the call like

some futile response to untamed sorcery. We forage for
cow pies to pick psilocybin mushrooms and harvest

San Pedro cacti for mescaline to approach the edge
of the uncultivated, where we can glimpse the spiraling 

secrets of blooming lilies and Mothman prophecies.
The colors of fall’s equinox make the shades of death

inch closer to the forest, swallowing sickly does
and starving rabbits to feed the patient fox and the flocks

of maggots. The Canada Geese announce their departure, 
leaving the land on its own, to ride out the cold.


Will Keever is a Brooklyn-based poet originally from the leather stocking region of New York State and currently attends Johns Hopkins University for an MS in Science Writing. Will likes to take walks in the park and pet good dogs, whom he refers to as earth angels.