Inflation Is A Flagrant One

I’m burning twenties like a kid with ants
in his pants and a magnifying glass.

Memories of Hendrix in a rainbow shirt
glance off the refrigerator

magnets in a ricochet blaze
of Saturday sun between seasonal

showers. In each life a senator
will betray a Caesar,

a song will dictate loyalty and a 
serious contender will bank

the eight ball after hours.
Talk about me, burn my ears

to keep warm, bring a second cup
to the morning’s wish,

my brother watches volcanoes
cool the air while I gargle

The Star-Spangled Banner with mint
mouthwash on live radio. Grey

suits the wolves at the door, black
cat prepares to take their tongues.


Will Schmit is a Midwestern folk poet transplanted to the Redwood forests of Northern California. Will has been performing and coaching poetry, in between bouts of learning to play the saxophone, for nearly forty years. Will’s most recent recording Fix My Car A Spoken Word Mythology is available for streaming at Spotify, iTunes, and at