The hellcats above the ceiling
remain warm and busy. But also miffed

about firecrackers at dawn.
I’ve been bad and good and bad 

and good and so bad I wanted to die,
so good mothers started a charity.

Listen, no one has heaven cornered.
One day, the kitties will fall through

and, appropriately, eat me. I’ve left you
a picture. That’s me. Standing on dirt,

wearing a pink tutu and berserker helmet,
looking like I have something to say.


Eric Brunet is an artist/writer living in Ronan, Montana. His work has been included in various publications over the years and he was educated at DePauw University, the University of Arizona, and the Warren Wilson MFA Program. He have a hereditary neurological disease called spinocerebellar ataxia which affects his mobility, speech, and vision. Poetry and visual arts are essential to his sense of discovery and reflection… now more than ever.