Alternate Hauntings

I worry about: gardeners spading through the worm's afterlife ghost geese tormenting the park's clairvoyant toddlers daffodils mown down, lingering to announce spring the after-death hive-mind of army ants a river of unfinished business the size of the world — letters unsent — words unsaid tumbling over the edge if they go anywhere, how can … Continue reading Alternate Hauntings

Close Encounters

Extraterrestrials — we chart the topographies of feeling. We abducted grief, poked and prodded: found nocturnes, saline solutions, saxophones thrown through broken windows. The cartography shifts. Lost, we erase memory. Light-years distant from even ourselves, we miss most the missing time. — MARK L. ANDERSON Mark L. Anderson lives and writes in Spokane, Washington. He … Continue reading Close Encounters