My Stupid Little Life

Let’s say stars can talk in conversations
like the one we had last night about how fast 
life goes by us, about friends we’ve lost who 
have relinquished their shine in this universe

and what if stars too could say things like 
we can’t believe Antares is gone, it seems 
like only twelve billion years ago
he was roaming this part of space with us. 

I am so small. When I left the post office 
today I waved to a friend and then got 
embarrassed when I realized it wasn’t 
him, but then recognized the guy as

someone else I knew and for whatever 
reason it all made me happy, happy 
to have two friends, happy to have the time
to wave, happy there’s a sun in the sky,

an ordinary star, 
just an average star,
keeping me warm
on my way back home. 


Casey Killingsworth has been published in numerous journals including The American Journal of Poetry, Better Than Starbucks, The Moth, and 3rd Wednesday. His latest book is A nest blew down (Kelsay Books, 2021), and a new collection, Freak show (Fernwood Press), is due out in early 2023. Casey, who lives in Washington state, has a degree from Reed College.