Advantages of the Internet

If you search people who play golf with
no hands on the internet you will meet  
a neighbor kid from my childhood who 
lived in the fancy house down the street.
He plays golf, the internet says, plays golf 
with no hands.

The internet says that neighbor kid got 
electrocuted 35 years ago and now 
every day for 35 years he’s rolled out of bed 
thinking about that void where his hands 
used to be and wouldn’t it be nice to reach out 
for a golf club and not have to think about 
the strange idea of fingers.


Casey Killingsworth has been published in numerous journals including The American Journal of Poetry, Better Than Starbucks, The Moth, and 3rd Wednesday. His latest book is A nest blew down (Kelsay Books, 2021), and a new collection, Freak show (Fernwood Press), is due out in early 2023. Casey, who lives in Washington state, has a degree from Reed College.